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Transport America has developed an integrated and highly sophisticated, client/server computer information system. This system integrates operations with the principal back-office functions of safety, maintenance, driver and independent contractor settlement, fuel, billing, and accounting. The system also includes satellite-based communications with the fleet.

This system provides information directly to and from the Company, its customers, and drivers to assist in managing a complex information environment. The Company believes that its proprietary operations system allows the operations personnel to provide superior service to our customers and our drivers.

The Company expects to continue to employ technology solutions that enhance customer service, improve driver services, and that will enable it to realize other processing efficiencies.

Operations and Communications. The Company utilizes information systems and satellite-based communications to process orders, optimize scheduling, dispatch loads, and monitor loads in transit.

Load planners, with the benefit of optimization software, match customer orders daily with driver availability. Once the most appropriate load assignment decision is made, based on computer-monitored load factors, the load information is sent directly to the driver through the satellite network.

The satellite system simplifies locating of equipment and permits timely and efficient communication of critical operating data such as shipment orders, loading instructions, routing, fuel, taxes paid and mileage operated, payroll, safety, traffic, and maintenance information.

Electronic Data Interchange ("EDI"). The Company's system enables full electronic data interchange of load tendering, shipment status, freight billing, and payment.

This system provides significant operating advantages to the Company and its customers, including real-time information flow, reduction or elimination of paperwork, and error-free transcription.

EDI allows the Company to exchange data with its customers in a variety of formats, depending on the individual customer's capabilities, which significantly enhances quality control, customer service, and efficiency. A significant portion of the Company's revenues is currently processed through EDI.

Click here for additional information on our EDI technical specifications and for EDI contact information.

Customer Access Via The Web. The Company provides its customers with on-line access to load-status information as well as the ability to view and print document images related to customer shipments.

The Company's Web site (www.transportamerica.com) also provides access to other information for the benefit of customers, drivers, and employees. Depending upon customer needs, technological capabilities, and internal resources, the Company expects to continue to expand its use of the Internet and e-commerce.

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